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No school

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Hey bloggers!!

How are you?

As you know, we have no school for four days!!


But, after doing this…

…you must make a ''To Do'' list!!

So, here are some ideas to write on it :

  • First of all, you must finish your homework. Do it quickly and then you are going to have more free time!!
  • You can draw. I really love drawing on my free time!! I usually try to draw cartoon heroes, pretty flowers or even a room.
  • You can go for a walk. I usually go walking with my friends. We have a great time!!
  • You can sleep. Well, if you sleep you feel more energetic for the next 2-3 hours!!
  • You can watch TV. Watch a funny TV programme or a cartoon. I really like watching Spongebob Squarepants!!
  • You can listen to music. I listen to music really often-it's something enjoyable!!
  • You can play a musical instrument!! Grab your brother's guitar or your sister's tambourine and start composing!! It's really funny!! Or, you can play the musical instrument you learn. I love playing the piano in my free time!!
  • You can watch a movie. There are many different kinds of movies. Choose your favourite, take popcorn and start watching!!
  • You can have a pyjama party. Call your friends, buy pizza, wear pyjamas and you're ready for the best pyjama party ever!!
  • You can read some jokes. On the Internet, there are many websites full of jokes!! You can also read the jokes I have post in here.
  • You can write your own story. I really like writing stories!!
  • Read a book or a magazine. It's a really nice employment!!
  • Call your best friend. Talk for a while-you will learn what he/she is doing on his/her free time and do it as well!

So, wish you liked my ideas and apply some of them.

If you do, you will have the perfect weekend!!


(While watching a movie, don't forget the popcorn!!)


More jokes!

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Hey bloggers!

Hru? (Click HERE if you don't understand)

Here are some jokes that I really liked!


-Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road?

-Because it ran out of juice.

-What do a note and a pencil have in common?

-They both can be sharp!


Well, think you laughed!

G2g (Click HERE)

xxx! (Click HERE)


P.S. All of the ''Click HERE'' visit the same adress!


A funny message

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Hey bloggers!

I won't talk too much, just read what I wrote (To see it from my Class' Blog, click HERE)


Hey bloggers!

Here is my joke/funny message:


Teacher: Why are you late?
Zeta: Because of the sign.
Teacher: What sign?
Zeta: The one that says, "School Ahead, Go Slow."

Teacher:What is it that starts with "t", ends with "t" and is full of "t"?
Zeta:A teapot!


Think you laughed a lot!

For more jokes, visit my blog!


Blog: http://yeshal.clubefl.gr/


Well, think you laughed once more!

If you click on the adress, you'll visit my blog (Zeta's C'senior Blog).

That's it!