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Hey bloggers!!

How are you??

In the evening I have a piano lesson!!

The first piano lesson of this school year!!

Oh my God!! This school year has already started for me!!

Have you started any lessons??

I can play this, I learnt it last year!!

It's not very difficult :-)



No school

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Hey bloggers!!

How are you?

As you know, we have no school for four days!!


But, after doing this…

…you must make a ''To Do'' list!!

So, here are some ideas to write on it :

  • First of all, you must finish your homework. Do it quickly and then you are going to have more free time!!
  • You can draw. I really love drawing on my free time!! I usually try to draw cartoon heroes, pretty flowers or even a room.
  • You can go for a walk. I usually go walking with my friends. We have a great time!!
  • You can sleep. Well, if you sleep you feel more energetic for the next 2-3 hours!!
  • You can watch TV. Watch a funny TV programme or a cartoon. I really like watching Spongebob Squarepants!!
  • You can listen to music. I listen to music really often-it's something enjoyable!!
  • You can play a musical instrument!! Grab your brother's guitar or your sister's tambourine and start composing!! It's really funny!! Or, you can play the musical instrument you learn. I love playing the piano in my free time!!
  • You can watch a movie. There are many different kinds of movies. Choose your favourite, take popcorn and start watching!!
  • You can have a pyjama party. Call your friends, buy pizza, wear pyjamas and you're ready for the best pyjama party ever!!
  • You can read some jokes. On the Internet, there are many websites full of jokes!! You can also read the jokes I have post in here.
  • You can write your own story. I really like writing stories!!
  • Read a book or a magazine. It's a really nice employment!!
  • Call your best friend. Talk for a while-you will learn what he/she is doing on his/her free time and do it as well!

So, wish you liked my ideas and apply some of them.

If you do, you will have the perfect weekend!!


(While watching a movie, don't forget the popcorn!!)


By heart!!

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Hey bloggers!!

How are you?

You see, I have to learn the following song by heart :

It's Burgmüller's well known Arabesque.

Check it out :

Well, it's not the most easy piece, nor the most difficult, too.

Wish you liked it!!



Piano lesson in a few hours!!

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Hey bloggers!!

How are you?

Well, this post is one of the littlest…

I just wanted to tell you that in one hour I have a piano lesson!!


And something else.

I bought three new books!!

Their names are :

a) Burgmuller

b) Clementi sonatines

c) Bach 1



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Hey bloggers!

Today is the 24th March.

Today we celebrate a big celebration at school, the 25th March!


As I have told, I can play the piano, right?

You see, I will play two songs on the piano!

The first one is Akra toy tafou siopi (Άκρα του τάφου σιωπή)

Nice, isn't it?

And the second one is Filoi ki Aderfia (Φίλοι κι αδέρφια)

Oh, the first one is a little bit difficult!

But, I can do it!

I believe in myself!

However, I'm worried…

It's the first time that I play the piano in front of EVERYONE FOR EVERYONE!

Well, Zeta realx, it's OK…

Comment a song that YOU are going to sing or play on the piano!!




Another awesome play

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Hey bloggers!!

Hey my fans!!

Hey to you all!!

How are you?

In this post, I want to talk to you about another theatre play that I saw yesterday.

Its name is ''Shhh… The king is listening'' – (Σιωπή… Ο βασιλιάς ακούει) and it's an opera for children and adults.

About the plot: There was a king that loved music. He had a musician to play to him the best music-not from Mozart or Bach-but from himself. As you understood, he wanted him to compose music. But, the musician's insiparation wasn't as much as he needed to compose. The king was disappointed, because the music he heard so many days wasn't perfect than that he wanted. One day, a muse came to the poor musician to compose a song together. Can they compose the perfect song? Will the king become happy again? You'll learn if you watch that play!

In my opinion, it's one of the best plays that I have ever seen. You must go there and see it as fast as you can!

And the most cool thing is this: There was live music with musical instruments (Piano, drums, violin, Cello, etc.). Oh, they played amazing!! I loved it!!

Here is a trailer (something like a trailer) of this opera. Check it out:

Did you like it?

Comment more operas or other theatre plays that you have seen.


Yes, I did it

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Hey bloggers!!

(Well, maybe that's my favorite attack…Hey bloggers!!)

How are you?

The reason I made this post is only one.

And that reason is…

That I can play a 4-pages song on the piano!!


And, because you don't know if it's easy or difficult, here is a video with a boy that plays it on the piano, such as I do!!


As you understood, its name is Dolly's Dreaming and Awaking and it's talking about a doll that… sleeps, dreams, wakes up and dances!!

My favorite part is when she dances.

Well, the piano of the boy who played it on the video isn't a good one; it doesn't sounds well.

Also, he plays it TOO FAST!!

Anyway, think you liked it!!

Comment more songs!!


How difficult!!

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Hello again!!

How are you?


Then, try to play those songs on the piano.

The first one is called Bad Apple :


Are you ready for another one?

Oh…I can't see more!!

It was too difficult!!

Want more?

I can't post more!!

I just saw some of the MOST DIFFICULT pieces on the piano.

Well, comment a video with really difficulty!!

But not too much…



A song that I play, too!!

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Let's start with a ''Hello''…

And now, let's talk about that we want to say…

Or I want to say…

Well (again) this is a piano-song, wich has been written by Theodore Oesten, a really good musician!!

The name is ''Doll's Dream''

Let's listen it!!

P.S. I can play it on the piano, too!!

Now, let's see another song that I can play, too!

It has been written by Jean Phillip Rameau, a musician.

When he was young he was a really bad student and, believe it or not, he became a musician!!

The name of the song is: 'Tambourine''


Think you'll like them!!

Do you play any musical instruments?Comment your opinion!!


The violin!!

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Hello guys!!

Well, now I'll show you a video of a very famous violinist, Andre Rieu. He plays the violin really amazing and with every song he plays everyone listens to him with a big, big, but really big smile on their faces!!

In this video he is playing the: ''Second Waltz'' of Shostakovich.  Listen how much good he plays…

Brilliant, right?

Comment your opinion!!


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