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Forrest Gump

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Hey bloggers!!

How are you??

Yesterday, I saw a film that touched my heart…

It's called " Forrest Gump "

Here is a movie trailer :

If you liked it, I'm sure you will LOVE this movie ;-)

If you didn't, I'm sure you will LOVE this movie, again ;-)

Here is the plot :

While waiting at a bus stop in Savannah, Georgia in 1981, Forrest Gump begins telling his life story to strangers who sit next to him on the bench. His story begins with the leg braces he had to wear as a child in the 1950s, which resulted in other children bullying him. He lives with his mother , who tells him that "stupid is as stupid does." His mother runs a rooming house and Forrest teaches one of their guests, a young Elvis Presley, a hip-swinging dance. On a bus for his first day of school, Forrest meets Jenny, with whom he immediately falls in love, and they become best friends. One day, while fleeing from some bullies, Forrest's leg braces break apart and fall away and he discovers that he can run very fast which, despite his below-average intelligence, earns him a scholarship to the Universiti of Alabama from Bear Bryant. While in college, he witnesses George Wallace's Stand in the Schoolhouse Door, is named an All-American football player , and meets President John F. Kennedy.


(Information from : Wikipedia)


Αlso, I found the soundtrack of this film :

It's a very popular soundtrack. I'm sure you've heard it in different movies/tv series, etc. It's a really nice soundtrack, one of my favorites!!

Wish you like it :-)



11.OOO visitings!

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Goodmorning everyone!!

I woke up tis morning and I saw something that made me SOOOOOO HAPPY! :-)

I have…

11.111 VISITINGS!!

(Oh yes, THIS was the number I saw when I visited my Blog this morning!)

I still can't believe it!!

Thank you so  much!!

The following is for you :

It is Κaty Perry's new song!!

The video clip is very strange, don't you think?

But the song is just awesome..!

Hope you like it ;-)