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Hey bloggers!!

How are you?

Are you watching the Eurovision Song Contest?

So, here are the songs Greece might send :

     •Shaya Hansen – Sunshine (my favourite!) :

     •Thomai Apergi & Legend – Jazz & Sirtaki :

     •Barrice – Ela

     •Maria-Elena Kiriakou – One Last Breath

     •C:real – Crash and Burn

So, which one did you like most?

I prefer the first one! (Shaya – Sunshine)

How about you?? Do you like it??

Phew.. hope we will do well in the semi-finals!

Do you?



P.S. If you're a new fan, you need to know that I am a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest! Be sure you will learn first about everything here!! You can also visit my special category "Eurovision" by clicking here and read all my posts about this incredible contest!!

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