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Marianne’s Past

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As we all know, in the story Marianne is in a coma. But have you ever asked yourself, why did she end up being in a coma? Here is something that might have happened.

So, she was walking back home from one of her friend’s party, which to be honest she didn’t really enjoy. She had a headache because of the loud music that played that type of music she doesn’t like – it was a true nightmare! Her best friend wasn’t able to come so that at least she could have some company, so all she could think of to leave that terrible place is act like she wasn’t feeling very well and really had to leave. She was right, it worked as she had planned. Everyone believed that she did phone her mum to inform her of the headache she fakely had and they all wished her a good evening as she walked down the hall.

Anyway, as she was walking back home from that party she saw a familiar person walking down the street at the same direction with her! She was trying so hard to recognise him but darkness was all around and she could hardly see him. She decided to cross the road so that she could get closer and finally see who he is. It turned out not to be a good decision though. Yeah, unfortunately you guessed it right. She was exhausted and she felt like her head was about to explode so she wanted to get home as soon as possible and also to check out who that person actually was. She thought she would be fast enough to cross the road quickly, before the red light turned green. She started running. And she ran and ran and ran, as fast as she could. But things don’t always turn out as planned and life is unpredictable. A red car probably didn’t notice the red light and the driver just kept driving. Marianne paniced. She was so close but so far away to the pavement. She was frozen in terror. All she could do was stay there, watching this horrifying moment passing. And the car didn’t stop, and she didn’t run. And the very next day it was all over the news, “Drunk 21-year-old Ben hits 14-year-old girl with his car”