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My New Blog

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Hey bloggers!

How are you?

I'm sorry I haven't uploaded anything for such a long time!

First of all, happy new year everyone! May this year bring you a lot of happiness and joy!

Secondly, I have a new blog and from now on all of my posts (or at least most of them) will be uploaded there!

So, if you enjoy my blog and want to continue reading my posts all you have to do is click here! (I am still working on it!)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, see you from my new blog!


PS. I can never thank you enough for 50k visitings! All that I can do is upload more often and you can all make sure that I will!

Back to school!

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Hey bloggers!!

How are you?

As you know, summer is almost over and we are getting ready for our first day at school!

One more school year is waiting for us, full of fun and laughter and obviously our new and old friends!

I think it is time to say “good bye” to summer and welcome winter back!

Hope you all enjoyed your summer as much as I did!

I think that this winter is going to be the best of all!

So, how do you feel about this new start?

I am super excited!


Because this year I am going to learn how to play the..

That’s right, the saxophone!

I truly love this instrument and I can’t wait to start my lessons!

Also, I am looking forward to see my friends from school!

You see, I missed them a lot and I think everyone has missed his friends too!

Wish you are looking forward to this new school year as much as I do!



Happy Birthday to you!

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Hey bloggers!!

How are you?

Today is such a day,don't you think?

The perfect weather,the perfect sunshine,the perfect day!

Hope you're having a wonderful time!!

Can you guess whose birthday is today?

Hmm..try to imagine!!

Well,I'm sure that most of you have already found it,right?

And,yes,it is our "dad" 's birthday,mr Dimitris birthday!

So,have a wonderful,happy,healthy birthday now and forever!

Wish your cake was delicious (I'm sure it was!)


PS. In case you don't know who mr Dimitris is,he is the owner of ClubEFL! :D


A mini-surprise for you

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Hello Bloggers!

Today, I have a mini-surprise for you!

I know that you have been studying hard for the exams these days..

So do I!

That's why I thought of making something to.. relax you!

Here is one more Quiz I've made!!

Have fun!!


My Year In Review

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My 3 best Moments

•I went to Athens twice!!

•I passed the exams for my School!!

•I had the best Birthday-Party ever!!


My 3 worst Moments

•I saw my pet-rabbit for the last time..

•Miss Machi moved to London..

•The second worst moment..


My 3 new goals for the New Year

•To do better at School!!
•To make more new friends!!

•To reach 1.000.000 visitings in my Blog!!



(Visit it from my Class's Blog : click here)

The Nightmare Just Before Christmas

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         It was another bitterly cold and frosty December night in the North Pole. A frozen blanket of snow lay deep and crisp on the ground. Jack Frost had visited every home and had etched magnificent spiral patterns into every glass window. It really was the harshest weather that anyone could ever remember and it was two days until Christmas!

       Santa Claus was extremely busy adding the finishing touches to his Christmas preparations. He was shortly about to deliver thousands of wonderful Christmas presents to many excited children from all over the world. His elves were beginning to load masses of shiny gifts onto his sleigh and his brave reindeer were practicing their final manoeuvres before the big day. Everything was coming together nicely; Santa was very pleased with his team.

       The big day was already here. It was the 24th December! Now, everyone could hear children singing the carols in every neighborhood. They were all so excited! "Santa will bring us gifts!" said a kid to his friend. "I don't think so…I had a fight with my mother yesterday, I'm not sure if I'll get a present this year" said the other one.

       Things weren't that nice in Santa's house. The elves were paniced! "Oh, no!", "Help us someone!", "What are we going to do now?"… They couldn't believe in their eyes! Rudolph had just broken his leg, while playing hide-and-seek with Machi and Danica, some other of Santa's reindeer!! He couldn't ride the sleigh, now! "Ho ho ho… what happened here?" santa cried. "Santa! Santa! Come here, quickly!!" an elf shouted. Santa started running towards Rudolph. "Oh, no! Now, how are we going to give children their Christmas presents we've been preparing so long? Dorina! Take Rudolph to the nearest hospital! Take Aspasia with you, too! Make sure he will be okay." Santa said, totally shocked.

       While Dorina and Aspasia were on their way to the "North Pole's Frozen Hospital", Efi, Santa's best elf, realized that there were 1O presents missing!! "You must be kidding me!" Santa Claus whispered. He couldn't believe what was happening!! Nothing was okay! Rudolph broke his leg, there were many presents missing… At night they had to deliver the presents to every children all over the world. They would get disappointed if their Christmas Tree was empty on Christmas Day!

       Santa decided to find the thief. He wore his dark, detective-suit and his lucky hat and went out of his house. "Bill and George, come with me. I need you in this mission…" he said. Bill and George felt so proud of themselves! "We are important! Yey!!!" they shouted. "Shh… Miss Claus is sleeping! We should do this silently. Come here now, without singing this time". They were ready to catch the thief!

       Before they start the search, Bill saw something near an ice berg. “Can you see thos footprints over there?” he said, “I think they will bring us to the thief!”. “You’re right! Let’s do this!!” George cried and they all followed the footprints.

     At the same time, Rudolph was at the hospital. The “North Pole’s Frozen Hospital”. Dorina and Aspasia were sitting at the… “standby room” waiting for Rudolph to bandage his injury. “He is okay for now, but we’re not sure at all if he can fly tonight.” a nurse said, quite sad.

     The cold wind was howling and almost everything was frozen. Santa, George and Bill were on their way to the thief, when, all out of a sudden, it started to rain! The footprints were slowly disappearing from the ground and it was extremely difficult to see them now. Luckily, the footprints stopped in front of an enormous, wooden door. Bill said that they should knock the door to ask the housekeeper if he/she saw someone running in Santa’s lucky costume, holding loads of presents. Unfortunately, George was afraid to knock the door, because he was afraid of haunted houses and ghosts. So, they had no choice. Santa knocked nervously the door. A woman, who looked like a witch though, opened the enormous, wooden door grinning. “Hello! What are you looking for?” she muttered. “Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!! You see, someone stole about ten gifts from my sack! Now, ten children will get very disappointed finding nothing down their wonderful Christmas trees! Have you seen anyone running this way, holding colorful-covered gifts in my lucky costume?” Santa asked the woman. She kept smiling for a while, but in just a few seconds she apologized her terrible mistake. “Ohh.. I’m so sorry! I did it.. I saw your elves preparing some fantastic ballet shoes for Aspasia and a new, awesome tennis racket for Efi that I couldn’t believe in my eyes! I thought it would be alright, as your elves can make new presents easily, but  I didn’t know it takes so much time! Now I wasn’t able to bring these back, you would shout to me. It’s okay, take your gifts back. As for your lucky costume, here it is. I’m sorry I did it! I will never do this again, I promise!” said the witch close to tears. Santa took his stuff back, smiled at her and asked her her name. “Maria! My name is Maria and I’d love to take my Christmas present this year… Please!” she replied while she was sweeping her tears.

     They agreed for Maria’s Christmas present in no time and started running back home to check everything else they needed-if the sleigh was well painted, if the gifts were all covered with colorful paper and the most important-if Rudolph was able to fly!

     At home, miss Claus was still sleeping and all the elves were watching their favorite Christmas movie, “Rudolph Get Well Soon!”. “Hey! We have no time for movies now! Efi! Count the presents for last time. Evaggelia! Check if the sleigh is still wet or able to fly and Lena! Oh.. where is Lena?” Santa cried. “Here I am! Sorry!!” she replied, with her mouth full of miss Claus chocolate cookies. “I want you to call Dorina and Aspasia and ask them about Rudolph. Will he fly tonight, or we will use the flying carpet instead of reindeers?” said Santa.

     Santa felt his heart pounding fast. Aspasia and Dorina had forgotten their mobile phones at home! Oh, no! Fortunately, in a couple of minutes his elves came back with Rudolph. He was better now and the nurse said that he could fly tonight but not any other time these days, until his leg is fine. He felt so proud of his team! The sleigh was dry, there were no presents missing and Rudolph would fly all over the world for one more time. In other words, they were ready for the best delivering ever!

     This year, everyone took his Christmas gift on-time. Every house was full of smiley faces and laughs. This was the best Christmas in history!



(From my Class's Blog : Click Here to read it)

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year,bloggers!!

Happy New Year!!

Wish 2O15 will bring you anything 2014 didn't.

May all your dreams become true..(!)

 Remind yourself to smile and never get sad for something (or even someone) that does not deserve!

So, do you think this will be your.. lucky year?

I hope so!!







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Hey bloggers!!

Here is my Class's Magazine!!

Click on the picture to read it :

Let me know if you like it!!



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Hey bloggers..!

How are you..?

Can you believe that I have written

175 POSTS SO LONG..?!?!?!

Oh my God!!

Wish you have read them all :-)

Here is a song I love..:

It's called All About That Bass..:

Did you like it..?


P.S. In only 25 more posts I will reach 200 posts..! :-)

Top Songs

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Hey bloggers!!

Did you check out September's Top Songs??


Click on the picture to visit the website :

So, here is the song I liked most of the Top 10 Songs :-)

Of course I liked them all, but this one is totally awesome..!

Here it is..:

Most of you maybe know it ;-)

It's called Black Widow..

Did you like it??

I'm sure you did.. :-)