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Eating Habits All Over The World

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  • In France it’s considered rude to cut the lettuce in salad!!
  • In Mexico it’s actually ok to be late. Always being late for at least 30 mins won't annoy anyone, since the hostess has more time to prepare the dinner!!
  • In Bulgaria you shouldn't bring yellow flowers to the hostess. They symbolize it harted!!
  • In England, bananas should be eaten with a knife and fork, a custom that dates back to the 19th century when this fruit was viewed as an exotic treat!!
  • In Austria you have to make eye contract with the person you clinc glasses with!!
  • In Tanzania, drinking beer from the bottle is very rude-it should be poured into a glass!!
  • In Italy, when it comes to pasta only, you don’t have to wait for everyone else to start eating; however, you must wait for everyone to be served before digging in on all other dishes!!
  • In Portugal, bringing wine to the hostess is considered an instult!!
  • In Russia and China, if you leave some food in your plate, it means that it was enough to enjoy it and not being too much. But, if you do the same in India or Philippines it shows to the others that you're rude and wasteful!!
  • In Japan, when eating ramen, you’re expected to slurp enthusiastically. Be careful though, as it’s easy for the ramen to end up all over yourself if you overdo it!!

Also, here are some pictures with the World's Most Unexpectable Table Manners!!

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Hey bloggers!!

Have you ever heard about Stonehenge?


Well, read the following and find out what the Stonehenge is :

Stonehenge is one of the most puzzling landmarks in the English countryside. Giant rocks stand in a mysterious circle. Scientists cannot agree what the site was used for: some say it was a giant astronomical calendar, others say it was a place to worship gods. One thing they all agree on is that the people who built Stonehenge were very inteligent and had an amazing knowledge of the solar system!!

Amazing, isn't it?

For more information about Stonehenge, click HERE.


P.S. Here are some pictures of Stonehenge :