10 ways to fall in love

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  1. You must talk to a boy/girl that you want to fall in love with.
  2. You must wear your best clothes to make him/her look at you all the time
  3. You must talk with your friends and look at him at the same time to make him/her think that you talk about him/her.
  4. You must be only yourself and nobody else-that's why someone is going to fall in love with you, for your character.
  5. You must be friendly with everyone, especially him/her.
  6. You must have many things in common;the same favourite colour, etc.
  7. You must go for a (maybe romantic) walk with him/her soon.
  8. You must tolerate his/her annoying mum/dad/granpa/granma/sister/brother.
  9. You mustn't plan your wedding-it's sometimes bad luck…
  10. If he/she tell you to be his/her girlfriend/boyfriend you must agree-you love him/her, right?

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