Summer holidays

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Hey bloggers!!

How are you..?

Well, I'm very tired of this school-year..

I had many activities to do..

However, school ends in less than one week..

I'm so sad that I may lose my friends..

They were the BEST!!

George ~ You were very funny!

Minas ~ Your friendship is amazing!

Redin ~ Nice guy!

John ~ No comments for you!

Tzouliano ~ We had a very good time all these years!

Jim S. ~ TOO funny!

Christine ~ I'm sure we are going to have many things to remember!

Stefania ~ I will miss you TOO much!

Georgia ~ Hope you pass the exams! Best Friends!

Shaya ~ Best Friends for EVER! I love you <3

Victoria ~ We had a very good time, too!

Xatuna ~ I will remember you for ever!

Kostas ~ You dance well (just joking)!

Jim P. ~ Still remember your dictionary!

Nikos ~ Nice guy, too!

Socratis ~ Wish this year was your BEST!

Vanessa ~ I will never forget your amazing hair!







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