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Sports In My School

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Hi Kelly,

Great to hear from you!! It's my pleasure to help you help you with your school project.

First of all, in my school the sport we play most this term is volleyball. My school has got a gigantic basketball court, where we put a volleyball net when we play matches. We all enjoy playing volleyball!! Our PE teacher has already shown us how to play correctly and safely, so we are all ready to try to win each other!!

You also would like to know how students benefit from all these. Well, in my opinion I think there are no disadvantages of playing volleyball or any other sport. You feel fresh and active. Team sports make you more sociable and most times more competitive. Also, you don't just benefit physically. If you play sports, you do better at all the other school subjects and you increase your self-discipline. So, why not playing volleyball for less than thirty minutes to benefit yourself so much without any special try??

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, drop me a line!!



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