Are team sports better than individual sports?

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Some sports, such as basketball and volleyball are, are played while being in a team. Others, such as tennis is, are played with only one person in each “team”. Both team and individual sports have advantages.

     Individual sports are certainly more convenient, mainly because you can do the sport whenever you like. Also, they are more likely to do regularly, as you don’t need to tell anyone to come and play or practice with you. On the other hand, team sports are more enjoyable, mainly because you have fun while practicing with your friends and not alone.

     In conclusion, it is better to play a team sport is my opinion. You may have to practice rarely if a member of the team can’t join the practice, but you will never get bored while playing a game or exercising with your friends, as you have fun. Also, if your team beats the other team in a match, you can celebrate the win with all your playmates and enjoy the moment with people who played with you.



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