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Hello everyone!!

What's up? :-D

Did you know that tomorrow is..



MayDay, for me, is a day when you can :


•Have a great time with your family..

•Spend time with some friends..

•..And have no school! (obviously :-) )

Sooooo, what are your plans for such a happy day?

I am going to stay in Thessaloniki, but!

But, but, but, but, but! :-)

You see, I can't stand staying home on celebrations!

That's exactly why I will spend my day outdoors!

For example, in the afternoon, I'll go to a restaurant to eat lunch with my family! Yummy!!

Also, in the evening, we may also go to Magic Park and have the time of our lives! Yaaay!! :-)

Hope you will spend MayDay as nice as I will,or maybe even better!

I'd love to hear what YOUR plans are!!

Bye for now!! :-)

PS. Oh My God! I am sooo surprised! I didn't expect to reach 3O.OOO visitings in such a small period of time! I appreciate your intrest!! Love you all! :-D