Exams-time (once more..)

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Hey bloggers!!

How are you?

Ugh.. I am exhausted already and exams have just started!

I'm looking forward to summer.. Yes!

It's gonna be GREAT! :-D

For now, I'm studying, I'm studying and sometimes (guess what I'm doing..) I'm studying! :-(

Well, I just got home from today's exams..

I took a test on Modern Greek Literature and Biology (yes, it sounds strange but we take two tests every day we write exams! :-) )

Neither Literature nor Biology where difficult.. I think/hope I did a good job! :-D

How about you?

Have you started taking exams?

Do they seem difficult or you can easily have a 20?


PS. A very special post is going to be published in a while.. :-D

SPOILER ALERT! : Hmm.. read the "About Me" first.. ;-)

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