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Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving day is a national holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States and on the second Monday of October in Canada. Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. Thanksgiving has its historical roots in religious and cultural traditions, and has long been celebrated in a secular manner as well.


(Information from : Wikipedia)


Also, on Thanksgiving day, we usually eat turkey, corn, carrots, cranberry, stuffing, mashed potatoes, biscuits, yams or pumpkin pie. So, here is a song about what we eat on Thanksgiving :

And the last video I'm going to show you is my class's favourite Thanksigiving song :

Hope you like all these!!

Happy Thanksgiving,


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Sports In My School

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Hi Kelly,

Great to hear from you!! It's my pleasure to help you help you with your school project.

First of all, in my school the sport we play most this term is volleyball. My school has got a gigantic basketball court, where we put a volleyball net when we play matches. We all enjoy playing volleyball!! Our PE teacher has already shown us how to play correctly and safely, so we are all ready to try to win each other!!

You also would like to know how students benefit from all these. Well, in my opinion I think there are no disadvantages of playing volleyball or any other sport. You feel fresh and active. Team sports make you more sociable and most times more competitive. Also, you don't just benefit physically. If you play sports, you do better at all the other school subjects and you increase your self-discipline. So, why not playing volleyball for less than thirty minutes to benefit yourself so much without any special try??

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, drop me a line!!



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Eating Habits All Over The World

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  • In France it’s considered rude to cut the lettuce in salad!!
  • In Mexico it’s actually ok to be late. Always being late for at least 30 mins won't annoy anyone, since the hostess has more time to prepare the dinner!!
  • In Bulgaria you shouldn't bring yellow flowers to the hostess. They symbolize it harted!!
  • In England, bananas should be eaten with a knife and fork, a custom that dates back to the 19th century when this fruit was viewed as an exotic treat!!
  • In Austria you have to make eye contract with the person you clinc glasses with!!
  • In Tanzania, drinking beer from the bottle is very rude-it should be poured into a glass!!
  • In Italy, when it comes to pasta only, you don’t have to wait for everyone else to start eating; however, you must wait for everyone to be served before digging in on all other dishes!!
  • In Portugal, bringing wine to the hostess is considered an instult!!
  • In Russia and China, if you leave some food in your plate, it means that it was enough to enjoy it and not being too much. But, if you do the same in India or Philippines it shows to the others that you're rude and wasteful!!
  • In Japan, when eating ramen, you’re expected to slurp enthusiastically. Be careful though, as it’s easy for the ramen to end up all over yourself if you overdo it!!

Also, here are some pictures with the World's Most Unexpectable Table Manners!!

Click on the picture to visit the website :



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English lessons

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Hey bloggers..!

How are you..?

In about an hour I'm having English Lessons!!

Oh!! I forgot to tell you!!

First of all, I have lessons on Mondays and Fridays..

On Mondays we have lessons with Miss Evaggelia and on Fridays with Miss Maria :-)

They are both sooooooooo nice :-)

Our lessons are always interesting, funny and.. we all have a good time!!

So, here is a Quiz :

Which teacher am I going to have lesson with in a while..?



My First Post

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Hey everyone!!

Here is my FIRST post in my Class' Blog..

Check it out :


I'm Zeta. I'd like to talk to you about my extra-curricular activities. Have YOU got any??

First of all, I have only two after-school activities and I really like them!

One of them is English Lessons. I go to the Pre Lower (B1) Class of the English School "YES!". I've been studying English for 6 years. In a way, I prefer communicate in English than in Greek-I find it more interesting! In Class, we all have fun and enjoy the lessons.

Another extra-curricular activity I have is Piano Lessons. I love it so much! I have been studying it for almost 4 years. I adore playing the Piano, I think that it's the most relaxing and creative thing you can do in your spare time. It totally makes you feel better when you are sad or even angry.

So, these are my extra-curricular activities. How about you?? Do you learn another foreign language?? How about musical instruments?? Do you play any??



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As you've understood, it's about my extra-curricular activities!!

To read it from my Class' Blog, click on the :-) Smiley Face :-) below :


A new Blog!!

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Hey bloggers!!

Have you seen my Class' Blog??


I'm sure you mean "Not yet" ;-)

Check it out :

(Click on the picture to visit it)

Have fun!!


P.S. We've just started using it, so it doesn't have many posts (YET :-D )

My school

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Hey bloggers!!

How are you??

Today I had a very tiring day at school..

Did you??

Well, if you want to know, now I am like..

I have to study Mathematics, History, Geography and European Music..


What is European Music??

Oh! I didn't tell you the most important thing!!

I am going at the..

Musical High School of Thessaloniki ;-)

Here is its website :

You can find out all about our celebrations, some news ofthe school, etc.

(Click on the picture to visit it)

Well, I should study now, right??


Anyway, kisses!!




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Hey bloggers..!

How are you..?

I can't write that often this school year, I think it's one of the hardest for me..!

So, I will study more and more often to be a better student..! :-)

But, that doesn't mean that I won't have any spare time for my Blog!! ;-)

Today it was one of the hardest days at school..

Why?? Beacause I wrote TWO tests :-(

Mathematics – Ancient Greek no

All of my Classmates (and me as well) did our best!!

I've been studying the whole weekend and I think I will take a nice mark ;-)

Do you think the same..? ;-)

How about YOUR schools..?

Do you find your lessons easy, so-so or difficult..?


My Gazette

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The All About Me Gazette


Read all about Zeta who just

recieved a trophy for

Blogging. As a world class

Musician, they just became

the world's prettiest and

smartest Princess.

Junior Invertor Tells All

Zeta just invented the first

flying wings and the first

touch-screened piano. This

amazing invetion does an

amazing job of playing the

piano a little bit more

relaxing. This inventors 

next plans involve a trip

to Disneyland, Paris for

inspiration and using the

profits from this wonderful

device to buy a villa next

to the Eiffel Tower.

People Like Me Because…

1) I have a really nive Blog

2) I am a very good friend

3) I can fly through the sky

Zeta's Favorites…




Elyar Fox's Cover Of "Rude-Magic!"


Dork Diaries (1-6)



tv show:



Frozen – Disney










Macaron and Cookies






Meteorologists predict…

I think this English

School year is

going to be one of the





The end…

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Hey bloggers..!

Hey C'senior students..

Hey my friends..

Hey my classmates..

Believe it or not, this was the best year of my LIFE.


Because I had the BEST teacher and the BEST classmates..

We all laughed, played games and learnt many things..

I'm going to miss you all!!

I wish I could have Mrs Machi for one more year!!

Please, please, please, please, please..!


  • Smiley
  • Why is Liz alive??
  • - 41
  • Kill Bill (not the movie =) (just joking)
  • The immortality
  • Dear deers (Efi haha)
  • Gossip (Dorina haha)

Have a nice summer everyone..!


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The End…

Hey everyone!!

That was my last post on my Class' Blog..

I'm so sad!!

I want to be Ms Machi's student once more…!


Anyway, kisses..!