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Good night

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Good night bloggers!!

Unfortunately, I didn't post many things…

Well, sweet dreams to everyone!!

The following is for you :

Hickory Dickory Dock!!

My Blog

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Hey bloggers!!

This is a picture I made..

Do you like it?


The end…

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Hey bloggers..!

Hey C'senior students..

Hey my friends..

Hey my classmates..

Believe it or not, this was the best year of my LIFE.


Because I had the BEST teacher and the BEST classmates..

We all laughed, played games and learnt many things..

I'm going to miss you all!!

I wish I could have Mrs Machi for one more year!!

Please, please, please, please, please..!


  • Smiley
  • Why is Liz alive??
  • - 41
  • Kill Bill (not the movie =) (just joking)
  • The immortality
  • Dear deers (Efi haha)
  • Gossip (Dorina haha)

Have a nice summer everyone..!


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The End…

Hey everyone!!

That was my last post on my Class' Blog..

I'm so sad!!

I want to be Ms Machi's student once more…!


Anyway, kisses..!