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Hey bloggers..!

How are you..?

Can you believe that I have written

175 POSTS SO LONG..?!?!?!

Oh my God!!

Wish you have read them all :-)

Here is a song I love..:

It's called All About That Bass..:

Did you like it..?


P.S. In only 25 more posts I will reach 200 posts..! :-)

English lessons

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Hey bloggers..!

How are you..?

In about an hour I'm having English Lessons!!

Oh!! I forgot to tell you!!

First of all, I have lessons on Mondays and Fridays..

On Mondays we have lessons with Miss Evaggelia and on Fridays with Miss Maria :-)

They are both sooooooooo nice :-)

Our lessons are always interesting, funny and.. we all have a good time!!

So, here is a Quiz :

Which teacher am I going to have lesson with in a while..?