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A new Blog!!

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Hey bloggers!!

Have you seen my Class' Blog??


I'm sure you mean "Not yet" ;-)

Check it out :

(Click on the picture to visit it)

Have fun!!


P.S. We've just started using it, so it doesn't have many posts (YET :-D )

My school

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Hey bloggers!!

How are you??

Today I had a very tiring day at school..

Did you??

Well, if you want to know, now I am like..

I have to study Mathematics, History, Geography and European Music..


What is European Music??

Oh! I didn't tell you the most important thing!!

I am going at the..

Musical High School of Thessaloniki ;-)

Here is its website :

You can find out all about our celebrations, some news ofthe school, etc.

(Click on the picture to visit it)

Well, I should study now, right??


Anyway, kisses!!