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Yes, I did it

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Hey bloggers!!

(Well, maybe that's my favorite attack…Hey bloggers!!)

How are you?

The reason I made this post is only one.

And that reason is…

That I can play a 4-pages song on the piano!!


And, because you don't know if it's easy or difficult, here is a video with a boy that plays it on the piano, such as I do!!


As you understood, its name is Dolly's Dreaming and Awaking and it's talking about a doll that… sleeps, dreams, wakes up and dances!!

My favorite part is when she dances.

Well, the piano of the boy who played it on the video isn't a good one; it doesn't sounds well.

Also, he plays it TOO FAST!!

Anyway, think you liked it!!

Comment more songs!!