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A funny message

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Hey bloggers!

I won't talk too much, just read what I wrote (To see it from my Class' Blog, click HERE)


Hey bloggers!

Here is my joke/funny message:


Teacher: Why are you late?
Zeta: Because of the sign.
Teacher: What sign?
Zeta: The one that says, "School Ahead, Go Slow."

Teacher:What is it that starts with "t", ends with "t" and is full of "t"?
Zeta:A teapot!


Think you laughed a lot!

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Well, think you laughed once more!

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That's it!


Let’s explain this post: My… strange message (Text-Language)

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Hey bloggers!

Hey my fans!

How are you?

Well, as you understood, I will explain something!

That something is the post that I did before, which is called My… starnge message (Text-Language) (Click HERE to see it once more)

I have made some words wit black colour, right?

Those words are the words below:













So, these are the words that you might didn't understand.

OK. Let's start with the first one (Hru?)

I have explained it once more (Click HERE to see it)

So, you know one of them!

The second one is 2night.

Number 2(two) is ''too'', right?

So, 2night=twonight=toonight=tonight!

The third one is bc.

The letter ''b'' is ''be'', right?

So, be…

In the particular word, ''c'' isn't ''see'', but ''cause''.

So, bc=be…(c)=besee=because!

The fourth one is 2morrow.

It is just like the word 2night.

Number 2 is ''too''.

So, 2morrow=twomorrow=toomorrow=tomorrow!

The fifth one is pls.

I'm sure you know the letter of the word ''please'', right?

The accordances are the letters ''p'', ''l'' and ''s'' .

So, pls=please!

The sixth one is cm.

Surely, the word isn't ''see em'' or something like that.

It is ''call me''.

So, cm=call me!

The seventh one is u.

The letter ''u'' is ''hiou'', right?

So, u=hiou=you!

The eighth one is 2.

Number 2 is ''too'', right?

So, 2=too=two=to!

The ninth one is ''b''.

The letter ''b'' is ''be'', right?

So, ''b''=be!

The tenth one is gr8.

The letters ''g'' and ''r'' are ''gr'', OK?

Number 8 is ''eit'', right?

So, gr8=gr…(8)=greit=great!

The eleventh one is G2g.

Surely, it isn't ''gee to gee''.

Well, it is ''Got to(2) go''

So, G2g=got 2 go=got to go!

The last one is xxx.

Surely, it isn't ''ex ex ex'' or something like that.

Well, it means ''Kisses'' if you believe it!

So, xxx=kisses!

Well, that's the translation of the message that I wrote!

Think this is helpful 4 (4=four=for!) u!









My… strange message (Text-Langueage)

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Hey bloggers!

Here is what I wrote in a post in my Class' Blog

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2nite I have a party, bc 2morrow school starts. Pls, cm if u want 2 come!

It's going to ''b'' gr8 !!

Cu there!




Blog: http://yeshal.clubefl.gr/


Well, that was my homework.

If you click on the adress or even on the picture, you will visit my blog (Zeta's C'senior Blog).

Anyway, think you liked it!


You didn't understand?

You see, I can't tell you the translation here, but maybe I'll make a new post with its translation!