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A walk with my B.F.F.Es!!(Best Friend(s) For Ever)

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Yesterday, I took a walk with two of my B.F.F.Es!!

One of them is Stefania. She wrote some more translation in our Class' Blog (Click HERE to visit her post in my Class' Blog, click HERE to visit it from my Blog)


She's a little short, slim, with long, brown hair and brown eyes.

She's funny, pessimistic (sometimes, she becames more funny become of it!!) and a little annoying.

She's also really brave!!

Sometimes she makes me feel really bad, but she never stopped being a friend of mine!!

We always have fun when we meet each other.

We say jokes, we say more jokes, we laugh, we laugh more, etc.

We go to the same school, so I love her not only because we have a gr8 (great) time when we meet each other, but because she's one of my classmates!!

One more reason to love her!!

As I told you, I took a walk with two of my B.F.F.Es.

The second one is Dorina.


She's tall, slim, with long, blonde hair and green eyes (like mine!!).

She's funny, trustworthy and brave, too.

She never gets angry with me.

She knows what annoyes me and she hates it!!

Such as I do with all things that annoy her.

We aren't B.F.F.E, we're SISTERS!!

We love each other!!

We go to the same English School and most of the times (70%) we sit together.

Oh, we laugh soooooo much!!

So, now you know about theirselves.

We took a walk on Friday all of us.


If they know each other?

Oooops!I forgot to tell you that both of us go to the same English School, not only me and Dorina!!

We had a great time!!

We went to the park, we laughed, we played games, etc.

Just like babies!!

Anyway, we laughed a lot, we discussed, etc.

We have to do that once more!!