The ”To Do” list

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Hey bloggers!!

How are you?

I'm sure that you have heard about ''To Do'' lists.

But, do you know what are they?



So, you may know how to make one of them, right?



Because I am very polite, I will explain what is a ''To Do'' list and how to make one in 3 easy steps…

(Patrick's ''To Do'' list…)

-What is a ''To Do'' list? :

A ''To Do'' list is a list where you write things you can or must do one day. All ''To Do'' lists are very helpful, because they can help you not to forget what you have to do these days.

-How can I make a ''To Do'' list? :

Making a ''To Do'' list is very simple.

1.You just take a piece of paper and write on the top of it ''To Do : ''.

2.You write whatever you want or you have to do these days.

3.Now you can decorate your list. You can draw it with your markers(such as I do) or put some colorful stickers.

So, wish this will help you.


P.S. A ''To Do'' list is something creative to do when you're bored!!




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