An interview

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Hey bloggers!!

Believe it or not, I was interviewed by a fan of my Blog!!

Sorry, she/he asked me not to write her/his name.

So, check it out :

Fan : Oh, hello Zeta!! Would you like to get you an interview?

Me : Hello!! Absolutely!! It will be my first interview!!

Fan : Ok. So, let's start. First of all, why did you start your own Blog? I mean, what did inspire you?

Me : Well, I was reading many Blogs on the web, especially ClubEFL's Blogs. So, why not making my own Blog?

Fan : Hmm.. Interesting. Was it difficult to start it?

Me : Actually, it wasn't the easiest nor the most difficult thing I could do. I watched some videos and it made it easier.

Fan : Ok. How about ClubEFL? What's your opinion about it?

Me : ClubEFL is the mest website ever. I've learnt many things through ClubEFL. My Blog is here because of it. Because of ClubEFL.

Fan : Oh!! That sounds interesting. Well, I've seen a Category called ''Your opinion about my blog''. So, what's your opinion about your Blog?

Me : Hmm.. I think it's a nice Blog. Of course, I try to make my Blog even better.

Fan : Ok. Thank you for your time!!

So, hope you liked it!!


P.S. I'm waiting for YOUR questions, too!

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