El Dorado

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Hey bloggers!!

Here is the legend of El Dorado..!

Check it out!!

     The original legend of El Dorado, the Golden Man, began in 1530. According to the legend, an Indian chief from Colombia used to cover himself in gold dust and sail out onto Lake Gutavita. Then, he threw gold and treasures into the lake as a way of pleasing the gods.

     The Spanish heard about the legend of El Dorado and searched for the treasure in Lake Gutavita. They found many treasures hidden deep in the water and took away a huge amount of gold. They came to believe that somewhere, lying hidden, there was also a city made of gold!!

     To this day, no one has found the Golden Kingdom. The name El Dorado has become linked with a lost city of gold. Many still believe that the lost city of gold lies deep in a forest or high on a mountain in Colombia, waiting to be discovered!!

So, you can search for El Dorado anytime!!


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