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Hello bloggers!!

Hello bloggers and children!!

Hello bloggers, children and mothers!!

Hello bloggers, children, mothers and fathers!!

Hello to everyone!!

Well, as you understood I'm soooo much happy today!!

Do you know why?

Because my favorite contest is coming in a few days..!

And that's Eurovision!!

This year, I loved ALL the songs that Greece might send.


Here they are!!

The first one is called Rise Up and Freaky Fortune and RiskyKidd sing it!!


Another song that I also liked is the one below…

Its name is Dancing Night and Josephine ft. M.Angelo sing it!!

Check it out:

Here is the third one that I liked really much and is the one I want Greece to send this year.

Kristallia sings it and its name is Petalouda stin Athina (which means Butterfly in Athens)

And here it is:

Awesome, isn't it?

Anyway, there is one more song that Greece might send to Eurovision.

It is the one below!

Its name is Kanenas Den Me Stamata (which means that Nobody Cna Stop Me) and Kostas Martakis sings it with Koza Mostra, a band that Greece sent to Eurovision last year.


Which one did you like?

I told you which one, the 3rd one (Petalouda stin Athina)

In a website I found this information about which song  people voted more.

Here are the results:

Freaky Fortune Ft. RiskyKidd Rise Up ~ 42.24%
M.Angelo Ft Josephine Dancing Night ~ 10.75%
Kristallia Petalouda stin Athina ~ 15.8%
Kostas Martakis Kanenas Den Me Stamata ~ 31.21%
All of the songs were amazing!!
But, that's only my opinion…
What about you?
Comment your favorite song!!


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