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Hey bloggers!

How are you?

You see, someone asked me to post some drawings or photographs from famous musicians.

The following pictures show us some faces that we must know. It's impotant for the rest of our life to know  few!!

Well, here they are!!

Ludwig Van Beethoven

signature written in ink in a flowing script

Wolfganga Amadeus Mozart


Johann Sebastian Bach

signature written in ink in a flowing script

Antonio Vivaldi

OK. That's it.

I can't find more. From Antonio Vivaldi this is the only one.

As you understood, these are pictures from old famous musicians.

I really like their work really much and I respect it.

It's just amazing!!

Just listen to the following and comment if you like it:

These are my favorite. All of them have written much more-I can't post them all!

Well, that was it.

Comment more famous musicians!!


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