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Hey bloggers!

Today is the 24th March.

Today we celebrate a big celebration at school, the 25th March!


As I have told, I can play the piano, right?

You see, I will play two songs on the piano!

The first one is Akra toy tafou siopi (Άκρα του τάφου σιωπή)

Nice, isn't it?

And the second one is Filoi ki Aderfia (Φίλοι κι αδέρφια)

Oh, the first one is a little bit difficult!

But, I can do it!

I believe in myself!

However, I'm worried…

It's the first time that I play the piano in front of EVERYONE FOR EVERYONE!

Well, Zeta realx, it's OK…

Comment a song that YOU are going to sing or play on the piano!!




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